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Date Designation Details
29-08-2017 SCPO Provisional Select List of CPO (Local) Eligible for Promotion as SCPO (LOCAL) as on 01.01.2017New
20-04-2017 WHCs Select list of WHCs fit for promotion as WSIs for the year of 2015 & 2016
18-04-2017 APSI Select List of Armed Police Sub Inspectors fit for promotion as Armed Police Inspector for the vacancies for the years 1990 to 2011
31-03-2017 CPO Provisional select list of qualified Civil Police Officers of Tvpm district unit as on 01/01/2017 - Published - orders issued
03-04-2017 SA Select list of Senior Superintendent/Manager/Accounts Officer(PHQ)
03-04-2017 AA Select list of Administrative Assistant/Accounts Officer(PHQ)
23-03-2017 Motor Transport Inspectors Select list of Motor Transport Inspectors for the year 2016 (For the vacancies in 2017)
23-03-2017 Inspectors(Arms) Select list of Inspectors(Arms) for the year 2016 (For the vacancies in 2017)
31-03-2017 SI Revised Select List of Sub Inspectors of Police fit for promotion as Inspector of Police (GE)
15-03-2017 DySP and Chief Reporter SHB Selection List of DySP and Chief Reporter SHB
16-03-2017 JS Selection List of Junior Superintendent
15-03-2017 RSI Selection List of Reserve Sub Inspector
15-03-2017 SI Selection List of Sub Inspector - Telecommunication Wing
04-03-2017 RI Selection List of Reserve Inspector