PHQ Circulars - 2017

Circular No. Subject Date
22/2017 Sexual offences against women and children - Iegal provisions and Supreme Court guidelines to be strictly complied with by the Police in investigation - directions issued 25-08-2017
21/2017 Procedure prescribed by Juvenile fustice (Care and Protection of Children) Act,201,5 []l Act) and the Model Rules issued by Central Government to be complied with - directions issued 25-08-2017
19/2017 Implementation of effective disposal of Complaints from General Public –Regarding 19-07-2017
16/2017 Requirement of Justification for frequent transfer of Police Officers –Regarding 30-06-2017
07/2017 Regarding release of seized vehicles by Police on petty Cases 31-01-2017
06/2017 Categorisation of Grave Crimes - Regarding 02-02-2017
03/2017 Highway Police - New instructions issued 18-01-2017
01/2017 House-trespass under section 45l lPC and House-trespass having made preparation, for hurt, assault and wrongful restraint under section 452 lPC to be distinguished for the purpose of registering FIR - guidelines 05-01-2017